Broadway Shows

While in New York, just have to hit at least one of the Broadway shows.
You can find shows not only on Broadway, buy also shows in Central Park. Some shows are even free of charge.

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  1. Broadway shows are spectacular, but I've really been digging Off-Broadway lately. Has anybody seen this awesome show called "Altar Boyz"?...I love it SO much. I think it is Hi-lar-ious. (!) I'm so interested in theater too...I love learning all about the behind the scenes/marketing type stuff, and the guy who produces Altar Boyz (and also "My First Time" and "Awesome 80's Prom") has a blog that is SO interesting! It helps me to learn all about producing theater. It's called The Producers Perspective, and you can check it out at www.theproducersperspective.com



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