Need To Get Around NY?

With over 12,000 Taxi cabs in NY, you should be able to find one.

Love to ride in one of the old Checker cabs.

Not sure just what to say here....

You can even get around on water.

Future maybe??? LOL!

In 1923 there were 16,000 taxicabs.

In 1933 there were 19,000 taxicabs in New York.

Today there are 12,187 taxicabs in New York.

In 1933 there were 75,000 taxicab drivers in New York.

Today there are approximately 40,000 taxi drivers in New York.

In 1913 a taxi ride was fixed at $.50 per mile.

In 1999 241 million passengers rode in New York taxicabs.

In March of 1934 2,000 striking taxi drivers seized Times Square.

The total of taxi fares paid in the year 2000 was over one billion dollars.

The average number of rides per 12 hour shift is 30.

The average fare is approximately $6.

The average number of miles driven per 12 hour shift is 180.

The total number of consumers complaints against yellow cab drivers in the year 2000 was approximately 13,000. (Given that over a million people ride a cab every day, the complaints are not a lot.)

A Russian immigrant named Morris Markin founded the Checker Cab Manufacturing Company in 1922.

During the 1920s there were more than 7000 Checker cabs in New York.

The last Checker cab in New York was retired on July 26, 1999.

Though used primarily in New York, Checker Cabs were made in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

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  1. And I thought my little town of Chico was getting to big because of San Fransisco is all moving here...Taxi Please...lol...great post !!!



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