Union Square Greenmarket

The farmers market in Union Square is the largest and best known of the markets that are part of Greenmarket, a program of the Council on the Environment of New York City. Today there seemed to be 40 to 50 farm stands. The market is open strictly to regional producers, and the producers themselves must be present at the market. This is quite a resource for talking to the people who actually grow our food. There are many, many farmers showing off beautiful tables of fragrant herbs, heirloom tomatoes, fruits and cut flowers. You will find poultry, eggs, sausages, as well as free-range, grass-fed beef.

When you grow weary of shopping, you may find refreshment in the form of fresh-pressed cider from New York's apple orchards. There are also artisan bakers and cheesemongers squeezed in with the fishermen. A large percentage of the fare is organic and some is biodynamic.

What a great place for people watching. It seems that every one of the city's citizens makes a trip here at one time or another. On some days you will see groups of school children touring. There are neighborhood denizens grabbing a back of veggies for dinner as well as serious cooks stocking up for the week and traipsing all over the city with their bags.

Famous as well as anonymous chefs come to furnish their restaurants. Be aware, though, that if a restaurant is large, no matter what the menu says, it is unlikely that all of a given product is provided by the market.

Union Square Greenmarket
E. 17th Street and Broadway
New York, NY
Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday
8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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