Top 10 Places To Visit.

Central Park

In the heart of Manhattan, "Central Park is a major attraction for residents and tourists alike because it has something for everyone of all ages and in all seasons. In the winter, there's Wollman Rink for skating, and in the summer it's a high-end amusement park for children. There are concerts in the meadow, sports, restaurants, a zoo and more." 212-794-6564; centralparknyc.org

The Statue of Liberty

Standing on 12-acre Liberty Park in New York Harbor, this gift from the people of France "stands for what this country is all about." Visit the observation deck for a panoramic view of the city or tour the national monument to see its amazing engineering structure. "This is a beautiful statue and a moving experience when you visit it." 866-782-8834; nps.gov/stli

Le Cirque

Now situated in the New York Palace Hotel, this renowned, ornate French restaurant, watering hole of major socialites and celebrities, has been "the place to see and be seen" since its opening in 1974. Owner "Sirio Maccioni does a tremendous job at this wonderful place, and dining here will be a highlight of any visit to New York." If you can get in. 212-303-7788; lecirque.com

Peter Luger Steak House

Serving steaks since 1887, Peter Luger's still follows the tradition of visiting wholesale markets daily — and only family members are allowed to make the final selection. "One of my favorite places and definitely my favorite steakhouse. This restaurant is worth a trip to Brooklyn." 718-387-7400; peterluger.com

Yankee Stadium

"Make sure you get to a baseball game here" at this venerable ballpark, home to such fan favorites as Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter. "George Steinbrenner has done an amazing job with the Yankees, and seeing a game here will be something you'll never forget." 718-293-6000; yankees.com

Rockefeller Center

"A much-photographed site in midtown Manhattan, and a great place to visit in all seasons, with an ice-skating rink and Christmas tree in winter and an outdoor café in the summer. Nearby are St. Patrick's Cathedral, Saks Fifth Avenue, Radio City Music Hall, the NBC studios, and The Rainbow Room." 212-632-3975; rockefellercenter.com

The 21 Club

Just 10 minutes from convention action at Madison Square Garden, this is "a restaurant with history as well as great food," specializing in American cuisine. "My father liked it, I like it, and so do many other New Yorkers. When you dine here, there is no mistaking that you are in NYC. Certainly worth a visit." 800-721-2582; www.21club.com

South Street Seaport

Located near the Financial District, to the east, is "the South Street Seaport, which provides terrific views of the downtown skyline and the Brooklyn Bridge." Visit the South Street Seaport Museum to learn about historic ships and the history of the port. 212-748-8600; southstseaport.org

The Financial District

This vibrant and historical part of the city "should be experienced by everyone. Wall Street can't be described; you have to feel the energy and see the buildings yourself. The most beautiful building is 40 Wall St., but be sure to also visit the Winter Garden and the yacht harbor behind the World Trade Center site, which provides a great view of the Statue of Liberty."

Sunset at Riverside Park South

"There's a new 600-foot pier at Riverside Park South on Riverside Boulevard, and people come out with their cameras. The view up and down the Hudson is sweeping, romantic and spectacular. There's also an outdoor restaurant with a bar, barbecues and music. People from all areas of the city congregate here, and it can't be beat at sunset." 212-408-0219; nycgovparks.org

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