Couple of new things added to CPNY Blog

Are you a Facebook user?? If you look into the sidebar on the right, you'll find a section with a Facebook Fan button. Now you can become a fan of Central Perk New York and follow all the updates right on Facebook.
So come on and click that button, you know you want too. ;-)

And 2nd added to Central Perk New York....
You going to be visiting NYC some time soon or live there and needing something to do???
Click that large button in the sidebar that says "What's Happening In NYC"
What are you looking for?? How about taking in a Broadway play or musical? Or maybe a nice dinner with drinks? What about taking in some baseball. New York has both the Mets and the Yankees. Maybe you want to take a tour if your new to NYC. No problem, just click the button in the sidebar and search out what you want, where to find what you want even with directions on how to get there.

Everything here is work and home safe so sit back and make yourself at home. Sure you will find something you like on Central Perk New York.

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  1. This blog looks so good, Chilly! I love the design-- very New Yorkish! ;)



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